First of all, thanks for visiting! I’m still new to this whole ‘organized blogging’ thing so please bear with me as I stumble my way along!

In the past, I’ve had either a 1 track mind or ideas are constantly bouncing off the walls! I’ve found blogging, rather than physically writing, helped organize & get thoughts out quicker. Makes sense, right?

THIS blog started as an electronic journal so-to-speak & turned into a Mommy-to-be blog. Now with the birth of Jackson, it’s now become a full-on Lifestyle / Momma blog! I’m learning something new everyday – mainly things I find out in my own research that turn out to be common sense to other Mommas but we all start somewhere!

Feel free to snoop around, read my thoughts or just simply join my journey by leaving some comments! Make yourself comfortable with that glass of wine, mug of hot cocoa or plate of chips & queso (all my favorite things) I learn best through experience so here we go –