HI! I’m Jessie (Momma Lips) & I currently live in the PNW with my husband, Matt (Daddy Lips). We both love the outdoors, local breweries, pretty much anything athletic & moments that show how opposite we are 🙂

I grew up in a Military household (both parents are retired Air Force) with my younger sister, Paige, in VA. Athletics & fine arts seemed to be my calling in school so I attended Longwood University on a running athletic scholarship & majored in Graphic Design! A few years later, my Momma passed in August 2012 from a stroke which is when my anxiety disorder & depression quickly resurfaced as a result. After relocating to SC to live with my Dad, I met Matt a few months later in a bar (SUPER romantic!) & my one-night-stand turned serious when I moved to WA to start our life together almost a year later. I actually prefer to tell people we met in a bar & had no plans of seeing each other again because IT’S THE TRUTH! However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a firm believer in FATE so there is no questioning why things happen when they do. We’ve been married for 3 years now & I couldn’t imagine life without him – I’ve never been happier ❤

Since then, we’ve added Rocko (9-year-old Chow – Collie mix) & Braxton (3-month-old Pit – Lab mix), bought a house, I’ve had numerous design contract jobs but nothing fits. So I’ve launched my own Etsy shop, MommaLipsPrints! I telecommute from home for work, experienced one miscarriage Jan of 16 & recently welcomed our son, Jackson, to our family! LIFE IS GREAT!

Got questions? I have some answers.
Got topics? I’m down to learn new things & give my 2 cents.
Got time? I have PLENTY to say 🙂

-Momma Lips, Daddy Lips & Baby Lips



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