Jackson+Mama-4 copy

I received mine & Jackson’s Mother’s Day photos from Wind + Bird Photography & I can’t stop swooning! Seriously, she makes me look like a model when I feel like a sack of potatoes.

For this shoot, we went out to Point No Point – a beach in Hansville that’s known for its lighthouse, copious amounts of driftwood & legit sandy beach. I hadn’t been out there before but Jessamyn is a regular with her kiddos. I know we were late to visit this gorgeous place but it definitely won’t be the last!

He was giving Jessamyn his stone cold, stare down face for the first half but warmed up by the end. Enjoy this precious time of my son & I at the beach ❤

Jackson+Mama-8 copy

Jackson+Mama-10 copy

Jackson+Mama-14 copy

Jackson+Mama-24 copy


Jackson+Mama-42 copy
He stood on his own long enough for Jessamyn to snap this magic!

Jackson+Mama-46 copy


Jackson+Mama-62 copy
His gummy smile melts my heart



Jackson+Mama-64 copy

Jackson+Mama-68 copy

Jackson+Mama-72 copy


Jackson+Mama-81 copy
I couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect picture of us ❤

Jackson+Mama-86 copy

Jackson+Mama-90 copy

Jackson+Mama-92 copy

Jackson+Mama-94 copy


Jackson+Mama-96 copy
When he remembered we were in a photoshoot

Jackson+Mama-100 copy


Jackson+Mama-104 copy
My heart outside my body

Jackson+Mama-112 copy

Jackson+Mama-136 copy


Were those not dreamy!? Also, let’s just let it sink in Jackson’s turning 6 months old o_O Wasn’t I just pregnant?!

Also, Jessamyn is offering $100 off all Summer Sessions (June – August) so get to booking!

Photography: Wind + Bird Photography


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