WEIGHT: 15 lbs 6 oz

FOODS: Momma’s milk

BREASTFEEDING: 4 months strong!

WORDS: Such a talkative little man! No legit words yet, I don’t think, but I swear I’ve heard “Momma” amongst the babble. I’m aware I’m crazy.FullSizeRender-1

MOVEMENTS: He’s starting to be able to kind of sit up if I put him like that. Also becoming very grabby. Not specific – just reach with open hand & close fingers around whatever is close. However, he can take his binky out of his mouth & put it back in!!

SLEEPING: Still sleeping pretty much through the night. As of recently, only waking up 2 times. Also Matt & I have changed OUR shifts to every other wake up rather than he take all before midnight & I take the remainder of the night. J’s naps have gotten way more predictable during the day, still with his longest one in the middle.

TEETH: I think we’re starting to teeth & I’m TERRIFIED. He’s been extra fussy, not taking to the boob or bottle immediately, chewing furiously on his hands & drool is practically always pouring out of his mouth.

SICKNESS: Nothing that makes us think it’s more than pollen in the air. 

FAVORITE TOY: I recently got him this crinkle Hungry Caterpillar book so that’s our go-to. Still loving his Modern Burlap swaddle blanket & my elephant pants.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Nicer weather so we can get out the house even more!

I think we’re venturing into teething & I’m honestly terrified. Not only for myself & my nipples, but also for Jackson. He’s always been such a chill dude so once he started crying for no reason, we knew it had to be something different. Thank God for Tylenol & patience!! Matt’s parents visit & meet him for the first time next month! Woooo!

Sitting up on his own!


Just my happy, baby boy ❤


If this face doesn’t show he’s mine, I don’t know what does LOL

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