There are LOTS of events & firsts with babies you don’t hear of. Thankfully, I’m super nosey & ask loads of questions 🙂 Unfortunately, I missed immunizations & felt like I ran into a wall.

Yesterday was Jackson’s 2-month checkup & it was all great news! The steroid cream we were prescribed for his circumcision is working phenomenally, he’s packing on the weight (13 lbs 3 oz) & growing like a weed (79th percentile for height). So when people are telling me he’s looking longer in pictures, they’re right!! Clear lungs, strong legs, super responsive & expressive – what’s not to be happy about!?


For whatever reason, I completely blanked on when his first round of immunizations were. & of course, they were yesterday after his check-up. You can imagine my facial expression when the pediatrician directed me to immunizations downstairs after. “Doctor say WHAT!?”

As a baby would normally react, J screamed at the top of his tiny lungs when he was pricked 3 times. When I could pick him up again, he calmed down & just clung to me like his life depended on it. I fed him outside the room for a few minutes to comfort him then put him back in his car seat for the ride home. Slept the entire way back home & it wasn’t until I took him out of his seat, he ‘remembered’ he was in pain.

*cue the non-stop crying*

I would say we lucked out with Jackson in general – he doesn’t really cry at all unless he’s wet, hungry or heard something loud. So for this screaming to start & not stop for a while, I was blindsided. I messaged some other Momma friends like “How did you soothe your baby when they got first shots?” Blanket response: FIRST SHOTS SUCK. HANG IN THERE.

Yes, there are things you can do comfort your baby – nurse, warm bath, warm compress, baby Tylenol.. We tried them all & the only thing he liked was nursing (not even bottle feeding – straight from Momma). So we nursed. & nursed. & nursed. Normally I pump every night before I go to bed & after a last feeding with J, but because of the constant nursing, boobs felt great once bedtime came around.

& by some grace of God, we both went to sleep around 730 & slept until midnight! I was prepared for a night of constant wake-ups. I had movies ready to watch in 15 min stints, my jug of water & Cliff bars on my nightstand. I was ready! Waking up at midnight, I was afraid J had smothered himself in the cosleeper because he’d never slept that long before! Naturally, a zillion things were running through my head: bad combination of medicine & lots of milk before bed, smothered, stolen (Seriously. Head was all over the place). Of course, he was perfectly fine & wiggling himself awake just as I sat up like a zombie. Then his normal sleep schedule continued so we were good..


The point of this entry is for my Momma’s that are expecting or brand new Momma’s.. Y’all, mentally get ready for the first round of shots. It depends on your babies reaction but it can’t hurt to be prepared for the worst like I was. J ended up having a ‘short’ cryfest & a slight fever but it was totally manageable when he FINALLY slept. Others have nuggets that continuously cry all night 😦 It really just depends.. Below is 3 things to just keep in mind the day before:

  1. STATION: Create a station by your bed that holds everything you may need (water, snack, phone, book, baby medicine, etc)
  2. CLOSE QUARTERS: I decided to have J sleep in his cosleeper last night so I had blankets, burp cloths & his binky in the sleeper with him
  3. TIMING: Try to schedule appointment early to get shots over with then NOTHING the rest of the day. Just in case nugget has a reaction & / or is fussy

G O O D     L U C K !



  1. OMG thank you for this! I’m a FTM and a paranoid one at that I’m super nervous about upcoming two month shots this week. I didn’t know what to expect other than bursting into tears. I will definitely be on the lookout for the crying spells from the pain.

    1. You’re welcome!! I did feel super helpless as he continuously cried but know it’s only rough for 24 hours 😅 then you’re sweet child will return 🙌🏽

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