Much like how I did weekly updates for my pregnancy, I’d like to do monthly ones for Jackson’s progress. Obviously missed the 1st month because LIFE WAS HAPPENING but here’s to the 2nd!



I know a lot of people think having a baby is similar to owning a dog. Hell, I knew it wasn’t the same but I thought I’d have a leg up after Rocko & Kaiser.. There are similarities but LAWD it’s not the same! It’s totally different to have someone COMPLETELY rely on you for everything. Yes, they’re both very large responsibilities but obviously, there are differences. I’m not going to list them because they should be obvious – just know & understand they are different, mkay?

I think on my favorite thing he does so far is give me reverse kisses with I kiss him & now we have ‘conversations’ – that’s what I call them. He makes the BEST faces (clearly gets them from me) & definitely recognizes who his Momma is. Rocko & Kaiser are great with him too – started out very curious & sniffing around him non-stop but now they get it. Thankfully, J can sleep through their insane barking (& vacuuming).

He’s my favorite accessory 🙂

WEIGHT: 12 lbs O_O

FOODS: Breastfeeding like a champ! Also taking a bottle of Momma’s milk at night from Dad so I can sleep. No solids.


WORDS: Obviously he’s not talking yet but he is making a lot of ‘coos’ & baby babble when he gets excited! Our ‘conversations’

MOVEMENTS: Solid head control, just discovered his fists the other day & loves kicking! Spreads out like a starfish when he hears loud sounds LOL

SLEEPING: No pattern whatsoever. Discovered he does not like sleeping inclined (MamaRoo & Swing are done) so we started with the cosleepfullsizerender-1er for a month & have no transferred him to the crib! Sleeps a solid 2-3 hours at night after 3-4 oz from the bottle. Gets 2 bottle feedings from Dad at night during his shift then straight from the boob during Momma’s shift. He HATES sleeping on his back or swaddled so that was short lived. I was nervous about letting him sleep on his stomach but we take our precautions, use the baby monitor & let his sleep how he wants! [People will say “You’re not supposed to let them sleep on their belly because they could smother themselves!” Well, the same concern could be expressed for having them sleep on their back – could choke on their spit-up. You’re damned if you do or you’re damned if you don’t! Do whatever works!] 

TEETH: None & I’m terrified for when they start to come through.

SICKNESS: No sickness but hospital trips for his circumcision. Long story short: it grew back. Yes we were pulling it back & cleaning it. But up until a few weeks ago, it grew up REALLY fast & thankfully stopped just shy of his urethra so he could still pee. Today, we saw a Pediatrics Urologist in Tacoma to see if we needed to get the procedure performed again & thankfully, we’re not at that stage. Steroid cream for the next month!

FAVORITE TOY: The only things he reaches to grab are the rope connected to his binky & the teething necklace from MamaGems so he’ll stop pulling my shirt down.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: More time with Daddy next month because Duty rotation changes & hopefully more adventures with Momma!




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