First off, we were only 5 minutes late to my dentist appointment. Thankfully, the office is only 5 min up the street (did that on purpose).

Secondly, I’m happy to report no cavities & my gums look EXPONENTIALLY better than when I was pregnant.

[RECAP: Before I got pregnant, it had been quite a while since I last had my teeth cleaned. Like to the point that I couldn’t even remember. I know – so terrible & gross. I decided since I was now pregnant, I needed to get every aspect of my health checked in preparation for Jackson. Well, when I finally went, my dentist told me it looked like I was starting to develop some gum disease AND it could effect J in womb O_O

Being told that really put my butt into high gear & over the next couple months, I had 4 appointments where I was numbed & had my roots & gums cleaned as much as possible.]

Today’s appointment was a crucial follow-up to make sure my new dental habits were on point & we are all good! I have an electric toothbrush, brush twice a day, use mouthwash & floss when I remember (I’m not perfect!)

Besides my obvious dental hygiene worries, I was also thinking about how Jackson would act in the office – stuck in his car seat for almost an hour & not moving. Yes, I would nurse him right before so hopefully he’ll just nap the entire time but he’s a baby – anything you plan probably won’t happen.

Starting at home, I gave myself 1.5 hours to get us both bathed / fed, car warmed up, diaper bag packed & dog crate up with Kaiser in it. I cannot believe that I actually made phenomenal time, however J decided to poop in his fresh diaper as soon as I put him in his car seat -_- LIKE FORREAL THOUGH!? Obviously, I had to change him because I wasn’t trying to have him sit in it for my appointment. After a lightning change, into the car, we went & made it without an issue!

Excuse J – he was obviously over this trip LOL


My favorite part of the appointment was when Jackson started to fuss in his car seat while I was in the chair with tools in my mouth. I had warned my dentist that I planned on nursing him if he did start to fuss & sure enough, when he did, Shullon (my kick-ass dentist) let me get up, grab him, sit back in the chair & nurse him while she continued cleaning my teeth. You read that right – I openly nursed Jackson in the dentist chair & it was awesome! He only nursed for a couple minutes then passed out on me (naturally) but Shullon said we could just let him sleep on me if that’s where he was most comfortable.. I mean is she not the greatest!? Made the entire experience less stressful & easy in my head. 

Long story short – I don’t have any cavities, no gum disease, Jackson & I completed our first “Momma appointment” & I’ve become even more comfortable at openly nursing. Most empowering thing I’ve ever done 😀


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