This is me taking a lemon & turning it into lemonade! I now understand why many Moms laughed under their breath when I said I planned on getting back in the gym as soon as possible. It’s not because of lack of drive – at least not for me. It’s lack of availability of time! (Something I’m hoping to learn how to manage in time..)

I’ve recently started getting my post-birth butt back in the gym for some cardio & was teased with that INCREDIBLE sensation of improving my body one session at a time. I managed to get this solo time to make it out of the house & to the gym for some solid ME TIME without Jackson attached to my hip boob because of my incredible husband (shoutout to hottest DILF ever šŸ’‹Ā ). However, my short lived fantasy of physically getting to the gym everyday was short lived when Matt’s schedule became his normal “stay-later-than-everyone-to-get-things-done” hours which I know very well & am used to. Meaning my gym time has now officially become a privilege rather than typical.

Of course, most gyms offer childcare for these situations. I, however, just can’t get with this idea. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great concept! I’m just not going to pay additional to have someone who probably has little to no experience with kids AND Jackson is an infant. That’s just a no LOL.

THAT’S when I realized I needed to make a “Momma & Nugget workout” post! I mean, J’s 10lbs now. Still too fragile (personally) to lift over my head like some weighted exercises but solid enough for other weighted exercises!

So I did some research / actually looked at my pins on Pinterest (because who actually opens them after “pinning”?) & decided on these simple ones! For my Mommas that prefer the heavy lifting like myself, obviously this won’t cut it BUT it’s better than sitting on the couch wishing you were at the gym!

Please keep in mind I am NOT a personal trainer, physical therapist or anything of the sort. I just enjoy a good workout & like helping others. Obviously there’s PLENTY of other exercises with nuggets – these are just a few I find myself doing with J when I’m watching my trash TV (Everyone’s guilty of having their shows. Don’t you even lie!).


Start with feet shoulders width apart, hold nugget close & squat down so knees form a 90 degree angle. Mind your knees & try to keep them behind your toes! When returning to standing position, clench your cheeks at the top to feel that burn. Repeat 5 sets of 10


SQUAT CALF RAISESscreen-shot-2017-01-16-at-11-52-08-am
Squat down to 90 degrees while holding nugget then try to get on the balls of your feet as controlled as possible. Repeat 3 sets of 10


FORWARD LUNGESscreen-shot-2017-01-16-at-11-53-39-am
Stand up holding baby close & step forward into a lunge. Make sure knee stays over ankle! Push back to standing position & repeat on other leg. Repeat 5 sets of 10 on each leg


Gotta get some core work, right!? Balance nugget on quads while sitting. You then can either lift feet & hold the V for 10 seconds or extend legs straight out for a set of 10.


Cradle your baby in your arms securely & cross legs at your ankles. Move baby over stomach from one side to the other. Left side to right side & back to left is 1. Complete 3 sets of 10

Classic but they still suck. (My form is GARBAGE because I clearly suck, have no upper body strength & need to work on these). Place nugget on floor & position your body over him / her. Lower yourself down enough to kiss your baby then push back up. Feel free to put knees on the ground to make the impact lighter. Complete 3 sets of 10

HELLO HAMSTRINGS! Start in standing position holding nugget. Bend at waist with straight back until parallel with floor (& feel that burn!) Bend knees slightly. Repeat 5 sets of 10

So there you have it! I definitely plan on making more baby friendly workout posts so if anyone would like to see something specific, feel free to share with me & I’ll do my best to make one!




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