Hope everyone had a great day with their family & friends yesterday! Matt & I went to a friends house from the boat & I brought Sweet Potato Pies (fam recipe that I FINALLY nailed), even though many thought they were pumpkin. NO GIRL!

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The obvious: my health, happiness & husband
The not so obvious: my miscarriage, inner struggles & demons that have shown me I am strong enough for this life & I’m able to overcome SO much.

This has been a MASSIVE year for me & it would be an insult to acknowledge only the good when the bad has equally, if not more, helped me grow.

DATE: November 25, 2016

LOL Josh clearly wasn’t ready

HOW FAR ALONG: 37 weeks

CURRENT WEIGHT:  170.6 lbs

SIZE: Winter Melon


BELLY BUTTON: Completely flattened out & puckering

RINGS: On. No swelling

MOVEMENT: Should still be counting J’s movements the same time every day (10 signs of life every 2 hours – if I don’t, we head to Labor & Delivery). However, we haven’t had any problems with him letting me know he’s alive & well! Also, he gets the hiccups EVERYDAY between 1 & 2. I could seriously set a clock to it

CRAVINGS: SafeWay brownies & my pie 🙂


EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS: LETS TALK ABOUT OUR FEELINGS! Lets not & say we did. I’ve been, what feels like, a walking time bomb as far as breakdowns. Work has been driving me insane & pushing  me to my limit so that’s been the main contributor. Last day is today!! I had my first real pregnancy breakdown & it rained down on Matt when he did NOTHING 😦 But you know what he did to help? He rubbed my back (felt like with a broom from a distance) but then got my favorite sandwich from The Bridge without me even bringing it up. Of course, I cried when he presented it to me because I was so happy -_- Up & down, man. Up & down..

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: I’m jinxing it but I’m beginning to tame my acid reflux (not gone but I’ve narrowed down when to take my pills). Vag still feels like a punching bag & my hip makes me feel like I’m pushing 70 rather than 30. There is SO much pressure on my pelvis, it’s insane! I now walk with a waddle that’s a mixture of pain & pregnancy. Matt’s amused haha

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Last work day is today O_O Next countdown is Auntie Barbara getting here in 2 weeks

SLEEP: I can kind of sleep! The ear plugs are still life savers

EXERCISE: No gym. Body weight exercises & stretching at home is getting me by. Matt still says I have my curves though. Probably helps that my hips are widening lol

EATING: Whatever I’m in the mood for..


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The most flattering candid you’ll get from me

A couple of things have been happening since the last update. Matt & I attended the required Childbirth class Saturday which was all day (930-430). Honestly, it was super informative, even though the last hour, I wanted to bolt for the door because I was getting SO impatient. Because it’s me, I felt like I had already found research or taught myself a majority of the information that was discussed, however the laboring positions were my favorite part. To be able to actually experiment laboring positions WITH Matt was the most informative part for me.
We learned my go-to comfortable positions involved squatting & rocking – staying still is NOT an option. Also, Matt got to practice swaddling where we learned the DUDU technique (Down Up Down Up) & also the 5 S’s. Naturally, we were the only couple of color in the class & there was one brown babydoll for swaddling. Who do you think ended up with it? LOL


I had a checkup appointment on Tuesday where I asked if I could be checked if I was dilated or not because I have been feeling more crampy & just wanted to make sure all was good in the hood since my ‘accident’ Saturday night..

Is it an unspoken rule that bowling is a no-go at 36 weeks!? Anyways, I went to our work Holiday thing which was bowling Saturday night after our Childbirth class. I threw one ball & felt something pop immediately in my left hip – it honestly felt like I had ripped all over again -_- Saying it was a struggle to walk the next couple days after is an understatement. I went to Labor & Delivery Sunday morning to double check & they told me I pulled my left hip flexor.. WHO DOES THAT!? Apparently me. 

Anyways, no dilation & J is head down! I stopped gaining weight (which can mean baby is on its way or nothing at all) but he’s still growing & getting more cramped in my belly! He’s DEFINITELY dropped – everyone can see it but I can definitely feel it. He’s out of my lungs & making me have to pee EVEN more so that’s fun! Long story short, we’re all good & waiting!! SO CLOSE!

My last day of work is today O_O Omg when did this happen!? Definitely have some mixed feelings about it – especially given the last week. There were MULTIPLE days I wanted to throw my hands in the air & say “FUCK IT! I DON’T CARE ANYMORE” which were also accompanied with multiple breakdowns. However, I grit my teeth & dealt with it because I’m not that type of person to just give up. Yes, there were moments the thought seemed like the best option but in the bigger picture, nah. I’m excited to not having to wake up to an alarm, dressing & acting professional when all I want to do is whip my pants off & eat brownies. I’ll miss my co-workers but it’s not good-bye. Gotta bring J by so he can get their loveys too!

Oh sweet Baby Jackson. We can’t wait to meet you ❤

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