It’s kind of crazy to realize how far we’ve come¬†since the beginning – both how slowly & quickly the time has past! Only a month left & I can confidently say we’re as ready as we’re going to be! Clothes & blankets are washed, swings & co-sleeper is ready, car seat is in car & parents to be are anxiously waiting ūüôā

DATE: November 18, 2016

NO SHAME. I don’t understand how my skin has stretched so far LOL

HOW FAR ALONG: 36 weeks


SIZE: Honeydew Melon

STRETCH MARKS:¬†I’m amazed that I don’t have any still.. Thanks Momma!

BELLY BUTTON: Flattened out & it’s weird haha

RINGS: On. No swelling

MOVEMENT:¬†I scared myself the other day when I hadn’t felt him move at all¬†that morning until I parked at work & he started having a party. Scared me that once again, I automatically assumed something wrong was happening & I started imagining the conversations I’d have to have.. BUT we won’t be having said convos because counting J’s movements & making sure there’s 10 signs within 2 hours hasn’t been an issue LOL

CRAVINGS: SafeWay brownies

AVERSIONS: Small appetite again

EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS: I’m so over working, it’s not even funny lol. Don’t misinterpret this as I hate my co-workers because that’s NOT the case. It’s the waking up with an alarm, getting dressed with the intentions of looking decent with other professional human beings that makes me want to stay curled in my bed with Rocko all morning. Patience & bullshit level is at its max

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Acid reflux was my worst enemy the other night. Once again, I tried getting a decent night sleep sitting straight up against the headboard without leaning back or destroying my neck – yeah right. I’m also feeling LOADS of pressure on my pelvis & started feeling a new soreness at the front of my vag like someone had used it as a punching bag (Jess says it’s from sex), especially when walking & shifting my weight around. Migraines are becoming more frequent & leg cramps have surfaced¬†– thanking my Doctor a million for my magnesium pills (if you get wicked migraines, ask your Doctor because these are Heaven sent).

LOOKING FORWARD TO: All day childbirth class is this Saturday, next Jackson appointment is the following Tuesday & my final work day is that Friday. HOLY BALLS!

SLEEP: At this point, I sleep whenever I’m able – short of being at work, obviously

EXERCISE: No gym. Body weight exercises & stretching at home is getting me by. Matt still says I have my curves though. Probably helps that my hips are widening lol

EATING: Whatever I’m in the mood for..

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Loose but tight, if that makes sense


I could set J’s hiccups by clockwork. Every afternoon between 1 & 1:30PM, that little twitch in the lower left side of my gut begins & continues for 20 minutes.

I remember when pooping was my favorite pastime. Don’t even act like it’s gross & you’re above going “#2” – everyone does it. I’m not ashamed that I look forward to a solid BM. However being pregnant AND anemic (so I have to take additional iron supplements therefore making my constipation even worse),¬†pooping has now become a ‘hurry up & wait’ game for gravity to do its thing.

Sitting anywhere or standing for more than 20 min is not a thing. Sitting on the edge of any seat, literally, or just on the floor is most comfortable these days. Belly has to go somewhere & my legs just happen to be in the way.

I dread getting out of bed even more now. Using my leg as leverage is just as uncomfortable as the initial sit-up movement so rolling to the edge is my best bet. Also the sounds. Oooooh the grunts.


Am I scared to stop working & start up my own business? Terrified. But then I remember this is an opportunity to start something & pursue a passion.

Am I worried I’ll suck at being a Momma? Every second of the day. But then I remember I won’t. I just know I won’t. I can’t.

Am I nervous I’m waiting for this time period to be over then actually HATE having a¬†kid & being a Momma? The thought is nauseating. But then I remember that’s not even possible.

I’m beyond anxious (good kind) & excited to have my little boy & smother him with loveys & attentions. It’s the worst in the morning when I check my phone. There’s the standard checking of social media platforms (all 5000 of them)¬†then baby tracking app – where I’ve somehow convinced myself overnight that a few days have magically passed rather than the 6-7 hours since the first time I fell asleep.

I remember when we had our miscarriage – it seemed like ALL my social media accounts were filled with pregnancy announcements. Matt told me I see them because subconsciously, I was looking for them. I’d¬†guess the same thing is happening now. All those people¬†who announced their baby-to-be’s back then have now had their nuggets & are experiencing the early stages of Parenthood while I’m still in Pregnancy. Therefore, restlessness. [Pretty sure this is one of those times I needed to talk / write myself through it to fully make sense of it]

This is normally the STUNNING view of the trees & distant mountains however this night, it was myself, the pups & J ‚̧



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