img_3005Everyone wanted me to dress up working with my belly (Miley’s wrecking ball, Kool-Aid man, Juno, gumball machine, ‘fake’ baby coming out of my tummy, etc) but I just didn’t want to? LOL Instead I wore all black, painted my face like a Pop Art Jack O Lantern & had all of 1 visitor (thanks Jess & Keagan!) However Matt & I did follow one Halloween tradition & carved pumpkins (his being VT naturally). I went a more traditional, vicious route – kind of channeled Jack Skellington, if you will. Definitely a tradition we’ll have to continue over the years, as well as saving the seeds & cooking them – YUMM!

November 4, 2016

HOW FAR ALONG: 34 weeks (This seriously felt like the longest week.. Dammit)


SIZE: Butternut Squashfullsizerender-4

STRETCH MARKS: Matt likes to joke that he sees some horizontal ones -_-

BELLY BUTTON RING: Out at 17 weeks. Top lip of my belly button is sensitive again & starting to pucker out – NOOOO!

RINGS: On. No swelling. Fingers crossed!

MOVEMENT: J has been doing some flips & twists. Nothing terribly painful, just uncomfortable


AVERSIONS: None really anymore. Just things I’m not in the mood for

EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS: Hormones have balanced out a SMIDGE more this past week. If anything, I was more excited because it’s sinking in how much closer we’re getting to meeting J!

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: I don’t even know why I think I can tame my heartburn. Some days, I feel like I can take on the world. Other days, I’m going to spit up acid every time I speak. The pregnancy waddle is DEFINITELY a thing, there’s A LOT of pressure on my pelvis & it takes me even more time to get comfortable when sitting (anywhere) & laying in bed. Matt’s thrilled -_- & constipation is an understatement. However I’m terrified for the day I start to poop by the hour because that means BABY TIME!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Massage & meeting with Crystal (Doula) on Monday then Dr’s appointment on Thursday. I wish we’d be able to see him but they reassured us they normally don’t continue with ultrasounds unless something doesn’t look right – makes sense

fullsizerender-6SLEEP: Sleeping is also hit or miss once again. Might as well get used to it

EXERCISE: No gym for the past week because I want ALL the sleep & can get in the next 6 weeks

EATING: Whatever I’m in the mood for..

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I’m about to give up on maternity jeans all together. They’re obviously WORLDS better than normal jeans but the pressure & weight J is gaining just feels like the weight of the world trying to be held up by stretchy material.. I may just stick to dresses & leggings for the next 6 weeks. That’s totally fine, right?


HOLY SKIN, BATMAN! Officially smuggling a melon

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