I’ve been looking forward to this week all pregnancy. Why!? TWO REASONS.
1. I love me some pineapple.
2. We are officially in the single digits of remaining weeks O_O

Fantasy directions post turned out even better than I could have hoped!

As if that wasn’t enough to put my butt into high gear, the nursery is 90% complete! I organized it all yesterday & staged it for the maternity shoot – it was so surreal to see what pretty much is the finished product & remember the junk of a spare room it used to be.. Now it’s filled with his furniture, has a GORGEOUS mountain range accent wall (by yours truly) with multiple handcut, stained & painted pieces by his creative Momma (slash I just didn’t want to pay for things I’m capable of making myself). The theme is “adventures” & I found a similar ‘directions post’ on Pinterest with different colored arrows. I decided to make it more universal with the one color stain & made each post individual by the font of the destination (because I will always love Typography). I’ll post pictures later on after the photoshoot because I’m sure my pictures won’t do the room justice..

Also started on the “best case scenario birth plan”& started packing the hospital bag. As excited as I was to start packing, I’m finding myself stuck. Like ideally, I wanted to pack all of J’s things in my new Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag but I started carrying it as my purse to get used to it so I don’t feel right toting his things around too so for now, they’re just in a bag in his room. The bigger bag would hold both mine & Matt’s things which we use daily (toiletries & phone chargers) so my bag is looking pretty empty haha. We’ll see how things unravel the next few weeks..

DATE: October 7, 2016



SIZE: Pineapple

The females’ body is so incredible..

STRETCH MARKS: None (knock on wood)

BELLY BUTTON RING: Out at 17 weeks

RINGS: On. No swelling

MOVEMENT: Finally caught little man on film first thing in the morning when he seems to be the most active. Some movements are pretty intense but it’s mainly a lot of waves..

CRAVINGS: Warm foods

AVERSIONS: Appetite has just gotten smaller..

EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS: I feel bipolar. Like it’s not even funny. I realize I’m getting myself worked up over bullshit & I know it’s not worth the tears but something very small inside me convinces me it’s worth it -_-

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Heartburn has gotten a little bit better! It’s gotten more frequent (could just be acid reflux) but it’s not nearly as intense. Ice cream has been holding it’s own & I sleep with 2 pillows under my upper half 🙂 Also started feeling a pain in my lower back. Jess says it’s sciatica which tends to happen to women when they get pregnant

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Maternity photoshoot was supposed to be today but got pushed to tomorrow due to weather. Looking forward to it first thing in the morning!

SLEEP: Getting all of the ZzZzZz’s

EXERCISE: Pelvis is definitely becoming more sore & I thought that was from starting to do lunges again – apparently that’s J LOL. Sitting pretty with multiples reps of light weighted squats & getting back on my upper body. Feel like I need to work a little more on my core..

EATING: Whatever I’m in the mood for..

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Thinking about officially retiring my ‘phased’ maternity jeans that Dad got me. They don’t have the belly band on them, just the little elastic expanders on the sides. But it’s starting to get PRETTY tight under my kid gut now..

Also huge congratulations to the Winslows on welcoming their STUNNING little girl, Thea Lenore! I went to see Lauren, Nathaniel & little Thea this afternoon & OHHHH MY GOODNESS! Before today, the youngest baby I’ve ever held was 8 weeks – destroyed that record because Thea wasn’t even 48 hours old & I was given the opportunity to hold that precious little life in my arms. Learned some things through Lauren’s’ birth story (C-section) & also got to see the room where it should all go down (best case scenario). I spent a few hours with them, just hanging out, asking questions, learning, etc.. But I know I spent a majority of the time literally just staring at Thea. UGH made my heart explode to see this little life & made me want mine even more.




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