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A little behind on this entry but I’ll be making an ‘early’ one on Thursday after my appointment.

15 weeks has brought some new symptoms to the table, morning sickness & exhausting not being any of them (HOORAY!). I’m now hungry every 4 hours & it’s pretty in-your-face with no warning. I’ll be totally fine one second then on the verge of starving the next. & then when I CAN’T get food right away, the moody & emotional headaches begin. Today at work, I actually surpassed the angry stage & got extremely lightheaded. KA told me my head was warm & I felt clammy. We’re thinking I could just be getting sick but she said it could be low iron intake as well. I plan on bringing this up to my OB on Thursday.

My hormones are a whole different ball game! Matt jokes that I’m exactly the same as before I got pregnant (not true. He’s just being a jerk). Emotional rollercoaster is such an understatement. The smallest moments of sadness results in an all day depression downer (which is physically painful when I work) & others are the complete opposite when I feel incredible for no reason at all! The unstableness of my emotions scares me a little bit & really makes me lean towards speaking with the Mental Specialist my OB originally directed me too. I’ve had a few recent conversations with friends undergoing therapy for topics I can relate to (loss of a parent & general pregnancy). Everyone says how incredible it is for them.. I guess it couldn’t hurt?

Feelin large & in charge at 15 weeks 2 days

DATE: June 20, 2016 (Happy Birthday, Paige!)

HOW FAR ALONG: 15 weeks, 2 days


SIZE: Avocado


BELLY BUTTON RING: It’s budging!

RINGS: On. No swelling

MOVEMENT: None. I can find baby’s heartbeat within 10 seconds now though! (lower left side)

FEELING: Less tired. Extremely emotional

CRAVINGS: Sweet food

AVERSIONS: Deli meat & baked chicken

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Belly is definitely growing & it’s pretty firm

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Appointment to get the green light for sex & lifting / Dad visiting on the 23rd!


EXERCISE: Nothing this past week 😦

EATING: Eggos, pasta, steak

MATERNITY CLOTHES: My Forever 21 Plus pants & my Elephant pants are lifesavers! Going to need some pregnancy leggings soon. Thought I could get away with my normal ones – not a thing!

So far, so good! Chuggin along & really wanting to start working on the baby registry. It’s not too early for that, right? I do have a question for all the Momma’s out there: who chose to use a doula, midwife or anything else of that nature & why? I haven’t completely ruled them out but I really enjoy & find other peoples’ experiences beneficial. Leave a comment below or private message me on FB! (Jessie Lipscomb)

Our first silhouette shot. Thanks Daddy Lips ❤

3 thoughts on “15 WEEKS UPDATE

  1. Hi Jess — Hormones be damned ! — I was so emotional that I had it worked out that my boss didnt even say good morning to me until 11am – everyone else in the office could talk to me but not the boss – he said it was the same way for his wife —
    As for exhaustion — I would take a nap every morning after I showered before work! And food — there was never enough springrolls dipped in duck sauce !
    Advice: enjoy the ride – forget the potholes — Luv Mum Ingell

    1. Hahaha I know at least in Silverdale, if I end up crying out of nowhere, they all understand. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by all Mommas so they know what’s up. Exhaustion is better in the 2nd trimester – nervous for it disappear in the 3rd again 😦

  2. Reading your blog makes me so happy for you Jessie! I’ve been following since you started this awesome journey.
    I also had a few scares of “passing out” and mine always happened to be while I was out in public which was the worst (both super embarrassing and scary). I found out that I did have very low iron but prenatal pills had too much iron and it made me sick to my stomach. So I switched to Flintstones kids vitamins haha. I had to constantly be snacking and drinking water 24/7. I always had my backpack with food, I felt like a walking grocery store. I do recommend eating ginger snaps right when you wake up and drinking lots of water, it helped with nausea. I would keep them next to my bed and just relax and snack on a few before I got up to start the day. I also carried around organic ginger hard candies and sucked on those throughout the day. NAPS ARE ESSENTIAL! I was always dragging my butt and needed a nap at least once sometimes twice a day. It’s hard work carrying around a baby! Haha.

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