THANK YOU to everyone for your kind & positive words about our news!! I’m seriously so floored & in shock from the responses. From people saying Baby Lips will come out gorgeous & fit to relating to our baby struggle – it’s all just so great to hear! I think my favorite responses are people saying I’ll make a great Momma & we’ll make great parents.. It’s such a simple thing to say but if you really mean it, know that means the world to me. I want nothing more than to be at least half the Momma mine was & leave that imprint on my own kids. For now, Rocko is my only baby & for those that know how I treat him, you’ve witnessed. He is a complete Momma’s boy, I wouldn’t have it any other day & I only hope for that with my Nugget.

Back to the post – another great ‘thing’ that’s blossomed from the announcement was introducing my blog to the world aka everyone else haha. I must say, I was a little bit scared to put it out there but it couldn’t hurt, right? To everyone actually reading this along with my other entries, you guys seriously rock & I love hearing that ya’ll actually enjoy reading it! It nothing professional or organized – just my thoughts & emotions as I’m going through the process. I don’t plan on taking my blog to a next level or anything along those lines but I would like to expand it in certain ways..

For example: people telling me my entries are raw & honest (LOVE those responses). I’m not sure if you have to have a WordPress account in order to leave comments at the end of the blog but I would absolutely love if you guys / my readers would do that! Reminds me right on my entry that this could be informative to someone! Another thing is if anyone has any kind of suggestion or question they think I may be able to answer or help with, make it a comment (or message me if it’s private)! I want this blog to not only help me by serving as a vessel to organize & get thoughts down but to also assist anyone else I’m able to in anyway. I’m learning first hand that pregnancies are in no way a walk in the park nor or two pregnancies the same. My experiences could be completely different from others but I know personally, it’s helped me reading OTHER Mommy blogs & I’d like to inch my way into that realm! 🙂

So here we go. Many, many thanks again for all of the support & kind words! Maybe I should change my blog title to something like Momma Lips Thoughts or something of that nature. Any suggestions on that? hahaha


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