Alrighty my dears! We are officially into the 2nd trimester! IS THIS REAL LIFE!? We had an ultrasound yesterday for our 10-12 week appointment & got some solid information about what’s going on & what to expect. First & foremost, I’m no longer considered a ‘threatened miscarriage’ anymore because my cervix is completely closed & I haven’t bled in a few days (YAY!). However I am back on pelvic rest for another 3 weeks until I go see the OB again just as a follow up. As difficult as it will be, we’re taking this very seriously & I’m not to step foot in the gym at all the next 3 weeks. Remember how I said Matt & I had planned on running a 5k 4th of July? Well that’s no longer in the cards since I’m not even allowed to run -_- So what does that leave for me to do? Stretch my little hearts desire. Of course, I’ll throw in some light body weight exercises but not a lot. I need to stay it somehow..

We also got the test results for CF (negative) & began testing for Down Syndrome. It’s a two-part blood draw so we won’t know for a while. Updated my Pap & of course, saw our extremely active baby! I’m only just shy of 13 weeks & can’t feel anything yet but the nugget is super active! First he was hard to find then popped up bouncing around. 45 seconds later, he was on his head!! (Apologies for continuously stating “he”. We won’t know the sex for a while but it’s just instinct to say “he”. Also a little bit of wishful thinking). He’s also very low in my cervix & the Dr said that was absolutely fine – babies just like to move around so I’m not stressing it.

One thing that was addressed that kind of took me by surprise was his acknowledgement of my anxiety. I’ve had it growing up – everyone has an amount of anxiety that they carry with them, some more than others, & some handle it better than others. Mine started to become an issue when Momma passed in 2012. It served as a trigger & I pretty much lost control the following months & have slowly been trying to regain the control. I’ve never spoken to anyone besides family & friends about my issues – psychiatrists seem like a waste of time to me. My stress & anxiety levels were brought up when we first got pregnant & I didn’t think much of it – just another box in my health background. However the more real this pregnancy becomes, the more anxious I become about the future. The Dr told me he’d like me to speak to the Mental Specialist on base about my episodes even though I told him I’d rather not. Dad says I should because it can’t hurt but I’m still not very interested – I think I’ll be fine. Also I don’t think Matt realized how serious my episodes have been up until the Dr addressed them. Kind of made them very real in both our eyes.. We’ll see.

As far as research, I’ve been religiously reading & catching up on this blog, Diary of a Fit Mommy by Sia (not the singer), & it’s incredible. She tracks everything about her 2nd pregnancy as she’s experiencing it. This is her second child & she JUST had her just over a week ago so I’m relating to it as best I can. I’m also channeling her blog as a source of inspiration for my own – how she documents & writes. Her formats & reasonings. I originally wanted to stop reading once I reached that matching weeks but I was to into it to stop haha.

We plan on announcing Baby Lips to the world tonight! I’m struggling with a way to announce this pregnancy so it can have its moment but also address our miscarriage earlier in the year. I understand miscarriages are taboo topic of discussion but they’re so common – there’s no reason people shouldn’t be able to talk about their babies. I’ve narrowed it down to these concerns: “We’re excited to finally tell everyone our news – we’re pregnant! Baby Lips coming December 2016! – This pregnancy is incredibly special to us after the loss we experienced earlier this year. Miscarriages are a taboo topic of discussion when they shouldn’t be. Every life should be acknowledged, even if it was short. Like Dr. Seuss says ‘A person’s a person, no matter how small.’ We’re excited & blessed to have this second chance <3” I’m pretty pleased with it – just have to go over it with Matt 😀


DATE: June 2, 2016

HOW FAR ALONG: 12 weeks, 5 days


SIZE: Macaroon


BELLY BUTTON: Normal. May be taking the belly ring out soon!


MOVEMENT: None but apparently baby is active! (Upside down in latest ultrasound)

FEELING: Less tired. Very gassy

CRAVINGS: Pizza & different sweet things

AVERSIONS: Deli meat, baked chicken & hot dogs

SYMPTOMS: More discharge, feet getting sore easier

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Announcing pregnancy tonight!


EXERCISE: Since I’m back on pelvic rest, pretty much nothing besides stretching, yoga & light body exercises

EATING: I can eat ground turkey!


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