We’re now officially 11 weeks & some change, 12 weeks this Saturday, so we’re almost to the ‘all clear’ portion. Unfortunately, I’m still bleeding a little bit, more than spotting but not nearly as heavily as last Monday. It’s a little worrisome but I’m doing my best to now stress it because it’ll make it worse & worrying literally does nothing..

The Dr at Harrison told me to follow-up with my OB a few days after meeting him just to verify my HGC count was still going up & the bleeding wasn’t anything to worry about. Whoever answered my call told me told me they didn’t think they’d be able to fit me in when I already had an appointment June 1st with my OB & it didn’t sound like anything I needed an appointment for so they directed me to the Nurses line which ended up being the Nurses voicemail. I haven’t heard back from anyone since.

Since the call, the bleeding has continued a full week with an exception of Saturday where I didn’t bleed at all so I thought we were in the clear. But when I woke up Sunday & saw more blood, we obviously weren’t done. The Dr said when the bleeding should continue for the next couple days, it would be ‘heaviest’ in the morning from collecting overnight in me – makes sense & that’s what we’ve been noticing. No cramping at all so I’m not overly concerned about miscarrying but it’s obviously still an idea in my head. Matts been on top of me about staying hydrated at all times. In a sense, we’re treating this like a risk pregnancy even though it isn’t really.. Which sounds bad but I need to call it something.

As of right now, I’ve made an appointment with the OB Clinic in Bremerton for today at 3:30 just to check my blood levels & apparently I’ll also be getting another ultrasound [note to self: ALWAYS shave] so I can have piece of mind. I’ll probably make an edit to this post AFTER the appointment so I have updated information 🙂

DATE: May 23, 2016

HOW FAR ALONG: 11 weeks, 2 days


SIZE: Poker chip


BELLY BUTTON: Normal. May be taking the belly ring out soon!



FEELING: Less tired but still always thirsty / dehydrated

CRAVINGS: Strawberries, broccoli & vanilla double stuff Oreos. Mostly sweet things

AVERSIONS: Deli meat, baked chicken & hot dogs [the meat section in Fred Meyer makes my stomach flip]

SYMPTOMS: Constant urinating & light vaginal bleeding (5.16.2016-5.23.2016)

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Last minute appointment today to check blood levels (get a piece of mind)


EXERCISE: Still nothing since last Monday

EATING: Everything in sight still


Everything with Dr was fine. Got blood work & an abdominal ultrasound to see the baby, which is 100% fine & I’m just being a worry wart. The bleeding is from the outer sac around the baby but inside the uterus (order from smallest to largest: baby sac, outer sac, uterus). Because the sack that the baby is in is expanding, its expanding to the next sac, therefore pushing out the excess blood taking up that space. It’s normal for there to be blood there but the rate at which I’m bleeding is just more than anticipated. The Dr said it’s nothing to worry about & there’s no definitive deadline to when the bleeding could end – just wait it out & my body will stop when it’s done. Now hearing THAT, I needed to talk about something else..

Pelvic rest was the original ‘plan of action’ but after hearing there’s no known deadline for the bleeding, never ending ‘no sex or orgasm’ is no longer an option because I’m human & I would like for Matt to still want me before I pop a baby out my vagina & then change his mind 🙂 So I asked the Dr & she said “If you’re going to miscarry, there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. The ‘pelvic rest’ is more of a precaution. You can have sex & workout but obviously do it in moderation.” That was quite a relief to hear! So bottom line, all is good in the hood, the bleeding will continue until it’s done & we still have our appointment on June 1st to meet the OB, do the full body exam & start the screening process. Here we go!


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