I originally started blogging here to keep track of the pregnancy & everything that came with it – the appointments, an images, changes, etc.. Haven’t had much to report but the appointments have now started so in my head, that’s a step closer to being in the clear & out of the first trimester!

With the Military, all new Mommas MUST attend this 8 week group session. Doesn’t matter if it’s your first kid of your sixth – you have to go. Lucky for me, I had no idea what was in store so I went in with wide eyes & an open mind. Matt also tagged along, also not knowing exactly what he was about to sit through, but made it very clear to me that if he was able to make any appointments in the future, he would be there. For some reason, I thought I’d have to ask him to come or possibly even beg him but that’s not the case at all. His initiative to be involved in every way possible kind of blows my mind..

The ‘class’ consisted of myself, Matt, 3 other preggo Mommies, an RN & an OBGYN. We sat through a boring but informative hour PowerPoint & were given, what I’m calling ,The Purple Baby Bible. It breaks down what we should expect each week of the pregnancy, numbers to call should we think we have any kind of emergency & such on. There’s also an app for it (which Matt has already downloaded) so that’s functional too. After that, we were escorted to solo-sessions with the RN to answer any possible questions we had at this point, & I had a few 😀

Right off the bat, I asked about lifting. & I know some women will say they ‘workout’ & they don’t want to endanger the baby. I get it but I’m not like that. When I told her “I lift” & I wanted to hear from someone in the medical field the yes’ & no’s of working out while pregnant, she immediately told me I should not be lifting more than 25 lbs. Both Matt & I laughed a little but when we realized she was being completely serious, we stopped & got ready to ask why but also ready with our own rebuddles. We concluded that this plateau of weight of 25 lbs was for women who started working WHEN they discovered they were expecting, not really for those that have been active prior. If that’s not what she meant, then that’s how we took it because I’m not going to limit myself to 25 – that’s just not a thing. I’ve seen women 8 months along deadlifting & squatting. Obviously I’ll careful & not go heavier than I am now but I’m also not made out of glass – I can still workout. The concern is a constant increase of heartbeat. Don’t want to put any additional stress on the Nugget so I’ll won’t be straining myself either. Other questions included: can I eat sushi? (yup so we went to Trappers for dinner), is dry skin normal (absolutely & now Matt gets to put lotion on my back because he loves me & hates my crocodile skin), what over the counter drugs can I take whenever I do get sick (Tylenol. That’s it) & when do we get our first ultrasound (next appointment!).

As of today, I’m 9 weeks & in the final month of the 1st trimester! Trying to not get too excited because we aren’t in the clear yet but every day is a day closer! Also I’m getting round so that makes it hard to not get attached.. But since I’ve now had my first check-up, I wanted to start tracking changes by the week or just whenever I make an entry on here rather than just on my app. I’ll attempt to update in the format below each time so here goes!

DATE: May 12, 2016

HOW FAR ALONG: 9 weeks

WEIGHT GAIN: 5 lbs 😦






FEELING: Tired & dehydrated

CRAVINGS: Pickles & cottage cheese

AVERSIONS: Deli meat, baked chicken & hot dogs

SYMPTOMS: Constant urinating, exhaustion & slight mood swings

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Next appointment is June 1st & we get our first ultrasound!

SLEEP: A few hours every night & woken up to pee or just can’t get comfortable

EXERCISE: 30 min stair-stepper (300 cal) & 30 min of moderate lifting (135lbs squats & upper body) 4 days a week

EATING: Everything in sight


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