Bye bye, Bri Bri.

Once again, we were playing “Where are Matt & Jessie gonna live next year?”. A couple months ago, while Matt was gone, the idea to move in with Brian & Kenzie was our best bet: all friends, smaller rent, fenced in yard for dogs, still close to work.. There were no negatives! PSYCH. When I finally asked Brian about it face to face, I couldn’t get a direct answer. Plus him & Kenz were starting to have problems.. So I took the initiative & just told them we were no longer considering living with them. I didn’t want to put my marriage in the possible range of them falling apart. Fast forward to now: Kenz & Brian are breaking up (at least that’s what should be happening). For the past couple weeks, we’ve been throwing around the idea of just me moving in for 6 months while Matt is gone on deployment so I have some companionship. While Brian has apparently been telling Kenz that he’s completely for it, that he says we could break our current lease right now & move in, I still needed to hear it from Brian directly. Like face to face. When I asked him at work the other day, NO DIRECT ANSWER!! Super wishy washy & just kept making up excuses (I don’t get along with other peoples’ dogs, I’m gonna put new carpet upstairs, etc). So once again, we’re not moving in with them. She’s also spent the past 2 nights at her Dad’s place in Belfair. I’m waiting for her to call me to say she wants to start moving her stuff out because then it will be very real but she hasn’t yet.. Also she needs to figure out where she’s going to stay & still be able to take Kane. I’d love for her to stay here & she could no problem. Kane is the only issue because we’d have to pay $400 for his pet deposit & we’re only here for another few months; it wouldn’t be worth it.


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