Long time, no post.

First & foremost, MATT IS HOME!! That’s a huge reason why I haven’t been blogging recently. When he did come home, I miss pinning him by 30 minutes! But that’s ok because he earned his Fish! I couldn’t be more proud of him. Grace came with me to greet him & she got some great pictures of me running to him & him catching me. To be back in his arms was the greatest feeling in the world & sooo much weight was lifted of my shoulders.

Since he’s been back, I took him to Rocky Brook Falls to relax & do some exploring with my Go Pro. Nice adventure time with him 🙂 We had a little awkward period once he came back, which Grace warned me about. Nothing bad though. Just us getting used to being in each others space again. It obvious how much we missed each other.. ❤

Also, a week after Matt came home, Jenna & Josh visited for a week! It was so great seeing them again. It had been over a year since the last time..? We spent 2 nights in Seattle partying it up & I was quickly reminded I’m not in college anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast! But it was a special occasion. Definitely not something I can normally do anymore. I was exhausted the following week!! One thing I did notice that kind of scared me was that i could tell Jenna was slightly pulling away. Like all she wanted to do was party & talk to Pascal. I guess I’ve just grown out of that stage & she’s still there. To be fair, I was never really in that stage to begin with but still. We’re reaching different parts of our lives & the differences are becoming more obvious. She’s still into going out all the time & drinking. Which most likely explains why she keeps getting these new ‘gfs’ every year because the old ones either outgrow her, she gets bored of them or whatever the case may be.. But we’ll see how it plays out I guess. I also noticed I’ve gotten much closer to Josh 🙂 he’s much more of a planner & organizer, like myself. They said they had a great time out here & I really hope they did! Can’t wait to see them again in January!!

Back to Matt & I: we’re considering reenlisting in the next couple weeks. Before Matt left, we were completely against it, 6 & out, that was the plan.. Now he’s back & we’re really mapping out all of our finances & plans for the future. It requires a solid amount of money, like all things do. We’re fine with ‘roughing it’ & making ends meet for the 2 of us but Matt is scared it won’t be enough. I’ve told him I’m fine with him reenlisting for another 2 as long as we get shore command & he doesn’t have to add another deployment. With the reenlistment comes the bonus that we could greatly use. We’d pay of his car, do some serious work on my loans, get a pup & invest in something (build up) rather than just trying to dig out of a hole. Matt’s great at thinking things through. Even though sometimes he thinks too much, I never have to worry about something not being thought of. I have confidence in us that we will make anything work 😀

As far as jobs go, I started serving at Silver City & the money is sooo much better than Expoing. It’s not a salary, hourly or my dream design job. But for now, it will pay the bills. I’m still applying to Creative Circle opportunities as well as others on Craigslist. I’ve had some bites through Creative Circle & was promised a few phone interviews.. However, none have followed through. Seattle Magazine means nothing to me at this point. I’m still waiting for my 2nd & final check for my work 3 months ago. They have yet to respond to my email asking if I was considered for the Assistant Art Director position but didn’t hesitate to email me accusing me of using an image without permission. It’s disgusting & I can’t wait to receive this final check & be done with them.



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