Back at Seattle Mag!

Kind of fell off a little with my blogging but still keeping at it. But I do have some good news to report: I’m back at Seattle Magazine! This time, it’s starting with 2 weeks instead of the 1. Doubt it will continue to 3 but it’s already better than last time. Turns out, it’s not shipping week. They just wanted me back to help out since I crank stuff out so fast AND Stephanie will be out on vaca next week so they need someone to fill i for her while she’s gone! Not saying I can take her place or fill her shoes but HOLY HELL!! This is such a great opportunity for me: acting Creative Designer for a week! We’re trying to crank out as many layouts as possible this week so I won’t have everything while she’s gone. I’m basically hitting most of the small, surrounding layouts & she has the large features of the issue (completely understandable. Especially since I’m still learning the sections..) But I feel much more comfortable to be back. It’s nice to not have to be walked through things & have to be told where things are. Not to mention, I now have my own key to the office, a work email & a corner office!! 😀 I’m really hoping this turns into something more permanent rather than a couple here & there. Particularly sooner than later because once I become a server at Silver City, it’ll be harder to get my shifts covered to leave..

Speaking of Silver City, I’ve completed my Expo training so now I should be there for a few weeks, probably couple months the my serving training should begin. I’ve been thinking about possibly forgoing my server training & opting to stay as Expo for the sake of training & money purposes. As a server, I’d be required to tip out to bussers, expo & hostesses. As expo, I wouldn’t tip out at all. (I’d receive rather than give: selfish but it’s money). We’ll see how it goes. My 4 days of training were a blur but I think I’ll have it down in time. My first 3 shifts are also solo open & close shifts so that’s a little nerve wracking but I’m just gonna go in earlier & walk through it slowly to make sure I get everything right.

Matt was supposed to be leaving mid July for his first mini (which had already been pushed back from end of June) but now it’s looking like end of July, which means he wouldn’t be back until September. We expected things to get pushed back: it is the Navy. But COME ON! This is just dumb haha. But Matt says it won’t alter the time of the 6 month deployment. Meaning the minis are always subject to change but departure date for the 6 monther is still February 15. That works for me because that means 1 of the mini could be missed all together! Also, it gives Matt more time to qualify for his Fish & I have a better opportunity to pin him again 😀


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