Yesterday, April 11, 2014 around 530, Matt & I exchanged vows, signed paperwork, cried & became Man & Wife!! The whole day was kind of a blur but an organized blur. Like I said before, I hadn’t really seen Matt the week leading up to the ceremony so I was just planning my stuff & he would somehow fit in. Turns out, he ended up getting released from the boat around 9 instead of 1 so he came home & napped for a few hours (understandable because he had just finished 2 days of Duty practically back to back). Auntie Barbara & I went on a search to find a hairdresser to do my hair at noon. We luckily found this little salon in Old Point where one of the co-owners had an open chair. I told her I was getting married that afternoon & she did me right up! Next, I had a face appointment with Bare Minerals Cosmetics & she did me up great too! Was a little scared of the eye shadow at first but it turned out great!

By this time, it was 3 & we had to be at the courthouse at 5 so the Judge could let us in. & with Friday after-work traffic starting up, we had to leave soon. So I got home & changed into my dress & shoes. Of course, Matt was still home & drove us to the courthouse (seeing me all done up & in my dress) where we met up with everyone else. Collazo was already there & it’s GREAT that he’s finally in Washington!! My Dad & Aunt showed up after then Grace & Eric then Matt parents. The judge let us in around 510 & we waited because there was another wedding before us. While we were waiting, Grace took this as the opportunity to become my wedding photographer & direct Matt & I to pose 🙂 I’m SOO glad I gave Grace examples of what I wanted because she nailed them!! All of the pictures turned out great & I’m so thankful that she did that for me!!

Once we got into the courthouse, we stood in front of our witnesses & said our vows. I made Matt go first because I knew he was most nervous about his.. He compared my love for him to sunlight & how it nourished us & will continue to help us grow. If I continue to provide him with my sunlight, he would give me his world ❤ Of course, mine were longer. I started with us meeting & the progress of our unconventional relationship. Then made it funny to really show our relationship & ended with our love for one another. We exchanged rings, were pronounced Man & Wife, kissed, filled out paperwork & that was that! Grace made reservations at Amy’s on the Bay which was right down the hill & the food was great! Dad made a 3 PAGE toast to Matt & I which I wasn’t expecting at all! But I loved every second of it because he meant every word of it ❤ At the end of dinner, our cake that Grace made was brought out & it was beautiful. Our cake topper brought so much character & the marble inside was incredibly perfect!! On the way home, Matt & I did get pulled over for speeding but were let off with a warning because we had just gotten married 😉

As perfect as this day was for me, it was missing some very important people in my life. First & foremost being Momma. Never in a million years did I think she wouldn’t be at my wedding & meet my husband. However, things change. But I know, had what happen to her not happen, I wouldn’t have moved to South Carolina & met Matt in the first place! So I know, in a weird, twisted way, Momma is responsible for this & she sees me. She’s represented in my rings, my hands, my smile & my ability to never meet a stranger ❤ My other 2 people are Paige & Jenna!! I know it killed them both to not be here yesterday but I told them to not come. Yes it’s for my wedding but it’s only a few days & it wouldn’t even just be us 3. To spend so much money on shared time when they have big events coming up felt extremely selfish to me so I told them to not bother & save up for next year 😉 (I’m trying to be a pretty laid-back bride & I think I’m doing a great job!)

To sum it all up, I’m now Jessica Lipscomb! I need to practice my signature now & get started on my name change but I am now a Daughter-in-law & I have In-laws!! Still very much in shock but I can honestly say I’ve never been happier & can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Matt ❤



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