Matt & I have successfully completed one year of dealing with each other, putting up with each other & last but not least, loving each other unconditionally ❤ Somehow, we both managed to be off this past Sunday on our anniversary. Wasn’t planned, just happen 🙂 So we spent the day in Seattle NOT doing touristy things. We walked onto the ferry with 2 goals in mind: go to a theatre show & go to this crab fest that night. The theatre was performing Little Shop of Horrors: PERFECT! The ACT Theatre did an excellent job & it was also Matt’s first time seeing the movie & a performance in general so I’m happy I got to experience it with him. Turns out the crab fest wasn’t happening so we decided to do a restaurant crawl of our own in downtown Seattle. Went to a few different restaurants, ordered a couple drinks & appetizers at each, shared then moved to the next. We learned some of the bus routes & took it back to the ferry. We both passed out on the 45 min ferry ride back to Bremerton but the day couldn’t have been more perfect. Spending an unplanned day in Seattle exploring with the love of my life was exactly what we needed. Just getting to actually be a couple in public, holding hands walking down the street, having dinner & talking amongst ourselves.. The little things just made it perfect.

To top it off, Momma’s ring arrived in the mail too!! It’s been on my finger for a couple days now & it’s finally sinking in: I’m getting married in 10 days!! Grace & I went shopping today & I found my shoes in of all places, a Payless hahahaha! My dress should get here on Thursday & I’ve made my appointment for my face. Grace told me about this planning site online & I’ve been on & off it for the past hour. It’s like Pintrest on crack but actually helpful! Matt & I also picked a date! We realized my parents anniversary is Oct 15, his are Oct 16, why not follow suit? Oct 17 is our date (as of now) & that’s with cushion room of him coming back from his deployment. Things are kind of falling into place, at least for now. I’ll be planning it ALL while Matt’s gone, practically on my own.. But now that I have Grace, who is like a blessing to me, I know I’ll get things done. She’s already married so she’s been though it all 🙂




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